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Value & Experience

Australian Sovereign Owned

Tropical Reef Shipyard is a proud, privately owned, sovereign Australian success story. Our aim is the development of “value for money” solutions and the sustainment of high-quality products and services in accordance with customer requirements and market demands. Since inception we have maintained the following values:


  • Providing the highest quality work standards. It takes no longer to do a job properly than to do it badly.
  • Our quality delivery goes beyond our service and sustainment, and includes consulting and advisory services, delivery and operations.
  • No compromise on choice of material – we only work with the best products, materials and service providers.


  • On-time and on budget delivery of projects.
  • Onsite safety is our highest priority.
  • We actively monitor cost and risk, seeking options and recommendations to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of work.
  • We encourage an environment of excellence, innovation, continuous improvement, cost efficiency, transparency, and open, honest, timely communication.

Open Communication

  • We listen to our experts.
  • Team-work, and ongoing development of a non-adversarial, outcomes-based culture, based on mutual trust, integrity, confidence, and respect.
  • A no-blame culture where identification and resolution of problems, is seen as an opportunity not a dispute.

Mutual Benefit

  • We retain team members through ongoing training and on-site development of skills, with a focus of enhancing the individual to the benefit of TRS’s overall capability.