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Tropical Reef Shipyard (TRS) in Cairns has completed a $10 million expansion and improvement program and received its renewed DEF(AUST) 5000 certificate.

TRS is the largest slipway in northern Australia, providing maintenance and sustainment services for the RAN, commercial vessels, and Western Pacific customers. The yard has a 3000 ton lift and is capable of docking a 105 metre vessel.

“We are very pleased to have received the prestigious qualification by satisfying the RAN Engineering Branch requirements set in DEF(AUST) 5000,” a spokesperson said. “This marks the completion of the program allowing TRS to haul-out a wider range of vessels with greater flexibility.”

The news means Navy’s new Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel’s and Guardian Class Pacific Patrol Boats belonging to Pacific island states can be fully maintained and serviced in the shipyard.

“Our highly skilled staff support the work, and this year completed over 200 days of maintenance in our shipyard for the RAN,” the spokesperson added. “We have served the RAN for over 20 years in Cairns and the continuing award of these contracts demonstrates the depth of our expertise and the quality of our work practices. Over this period, we have been agile and resilient, manning up for the evolving technologies onboard new ships.”

“We are excited and are looking forward to our next phase of development in meeting and exceeding the expectations of the Sovereign Defence Industry Capabilities and Plan Galileo.”