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When the Navy announced Plan Galileo and developing a Regional Maintenance Centre (RMC) in Cairns, two all Australian Cairns companies stood up to take the challenge.

In the Enterprise, the industry is contracted as the Regional Maintenance Provider (RMP), supporting and collaborating with the RMC to sustain all classes of Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships and International naval vessels. NORSHIP and TROPICAL REEF SHIPYARD united to deliver a service platform, that will support Plan Galileo today and long into the future. The collaboration bought to life NORSTA MARITIME.

As Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), NORSHIP and TROPICAL REEF SHIPYARD recognised to give the Navy the quality result NORSTA would need to Team with other like-minded Australian Companies that can deliver their unique services. NOVA SYSTEMS and SECORA joined NORSHIP and TROPICAL REEF SHIPYARD to create TEAM NORSTA.

Team NORSTA went to work and built the successful bid for RMP North East. NORSTA MARITME was awarded the role of RMP NE in January and in a short time was fully functional providing the RAN agile and resilient sustainment, capable of serving when and where needed in Northern Australia.
TROPICAL REEF SHIPYARD is very proud to be recognised by the Defence Industry and to create an all Australian Enterprise with the capabilities to support RAN fight and win at SEA.

Cairns has a very long history of supporting RAN and local SMEs. The appointment of NORSTA MARITIME will bring more work, more capabilities, and jobs to Cairns. TROPICAL REEF SHIPYARD is proud to be a Cairns business and to be a part of the exciting future of the Cairns Maritime Enterprise.