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Location & Facilities


Tropical Reef Shipyard is located in the Cairns Marine Precinct, five minutes from the CBD and adjacent to HMAS Cairns on the main shipping channel.

The airport is the main gateway to Cairns, which has international, domestic and general cargo aviation terminals. The terminals are serviced by major international, national and state air carriers.

International visitors can fly direct to Australia with Cairns as their point of entry, with flights from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

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As the largest slipway north of Brisbane and one of the largest in the Pacific, when combined with our deep-water berths and outfit/repair wharves, we are able to cater to many different size vessels.  This allows for slipway or in water repairs of vessels.

We are well placed to service vessels from Darwin to Brisbane, the South Pacific and Asia, the local marine industry, and Indo-Pacific visitors from further afield.

To complete full service delivery for our clients we manage a fly in fly out team who can provide their specialist skills in other locations.

Our highly qualified staff and on-call contractors work 24/7, and with access to our onsite store provisions for essential stock items, a fast turnaround of vessels is achieved.

  • Accommodating vessels up to 110 meters
  • Dry hard stand 135m long with 3000-ton lift capacity
  • 220m wet fit out berthing with single berth up to 110m x 8m
  • 3 phase 50hz and up to 600-amp shore power (60Hz available)
  • 100-ton crawler crane and 20-ton mobile crane, two 4-ton forklifts and four Elevating Work Platforms
  • 4000psi water blasters and 40,000psi ultra high pressure with mechanical robotic heads blasting
  • Dry abrasive blasting
  • Commercial Spray Machines
  • Machine shop with 3 lathes 1.5m, 3.0m and 5.0m, vertical milling machine, chemical bath for valve refurbishment. Powerpacs and Hy torque hydraulics
  • Calibration tools and test tools
  • Fabrication and welding workshop. with cutting table, cut off saws and presses. Ferrous and nonferrous materials and large covered open fabrication area
  • Propeller repairs and rebalancing
  • Dockmaster Services, pilots, divers, and workboats to 3 bp to support docking and vessel movements
  • 3 Workboats to 3 ton bp to assist with vessel movements
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