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Commercial Fleets

Tropical Reef Shipyard does service, repair, convert and refit commercial vessels from 20m to 110m including the latest designed tugboats up to 1000 ton, dredgers up to 3000 ton, Roro pax up to 50m, Scientific and Research, Rescue ships, 100m cargo ships and tankers, off shore supply boats, and other specialised vessels including barges and crane barges.

Entrance to TRS is through the deep-water channel and is unencumbered by any restricting features.  Our slip has 7m draught and the wet berths have a depth of 9.2m. The gates allow for vessels up to 19.6m beam.

TRS is supported by an extensive network of proven, capable and quality assured suppliers. Unlimited access to international marine support agencies, combined with our well-equipped facilities, ensures a comprehensive range of ship repair services. Lloyd’s and ABS approved; our tradesmen are effective in all areas of ship repair.

Well-equipped facilities, completing phase 2 expansion works in 2020, enable us to repair and refit vessels quickly and efficiently. We are able to meet client schedules due to our ability to run 24 hours. Ship’s crews can be provisioned, and accommodation is located centrally and can be arranged by Tropical Reef Shipyard as required. On-site ship’s officers and crew can be provided with serviced conference and office facilities.

Services we provide to commercial vessels include:

  • abrasive and water blasting
  • spray painting
  • welding and galvanising
  • aluminium and steel fabrication
  • marine refrigeration/air conditioning
  • electrical/mechanical fitting
  • hydraulic and pneumatic repairs
  • electrical and electronics
  • crew facilities.