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Capabilities & Expertise

Tropical Reef Shipyard has 45 years’ experience maintaining all types of vessels – Defence, heavy commercial, tugboats and commercial passenger boats. Our expertise covers all facets of vessel maintenance, refit and conversions.

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Mechanical & Engines

  • Installation, repair and overhaul of rotating equipment – including generators, main engines, gearboxes, between hydraulics and pump sets.
  • Affiliation with all major engine OEMs.
  • Heavy rigging of equipment including main engines for removal and replacement.
  • Installation and refurbishment of valves, seawater strainers, piping & flanges, couplings, capstan and winches.

Propulsion Drive Line

  • Bump test, removal, shaft inspection, straightness test, coupling and shaft seal inspection, bearings and stern-tube condition inspection and replacement.
  • Line boring and facing alignments, Chockfast.
  • Bearing replacement including machining.
  • Alignment with latest laser tools.
  • Propeller checking, NDT and surface linishing.

Steering System

  • Bump test, repairs, and replacement of bearing and seals, inspection rudder stock, manufacture & replacement shafts.
  • Hydraulic cylinder and hose refurbishment.
  • Hydraulic and electric powerpack repairs and conversions.
  • Sensor and command system servicing and upgrades.

Marine Refrigeration and AC

  • Including duct and filter cleaning, filter and insulation replacement, chiller and pump replacement, chemical cleaning and descaling of seawater cooling tubes

Fabrication & Welding

  • Specialized Coded welding Carbon Steel, SS, Alum and Cuni with full capabilities in MIG, TIG, ARC, and OXY.
  • Plasma and thermal cutting.
  • Fabrication and welding of exotic metals.
  • All International classification societies approved welding procedures

Frame and Hull

  • Piping fabrication and replacement including pressure testing to Class.
  • Plate thickness survey and measuring.
  • Shell Plate replacement including welding to approved procedures by Lloyds, DNV, and ABS classification societies.
  • Weld Testing with vacuum testing and NDT.
  • Hull valve, piping and flanges replacement and refurbishment including chemical cleaning bath and gasket manufacture.
  • Spark testing, surface profile testing and full reporting.

Hydraulics, Pumps and Hoses

  • Hydraulic System repair and replacement of pumps, filters and hoses.
  • Oil Cooler cleaning and pressure testing.
  • Water System repair and replacement of pumps and hoses. Cooler cleaning and pressure testing. Chemical flushing for seawater systems.

Anchor and Mooring

  • Anchor and Mooring Capstans refurbishment of bearings, machining of shafts, relining of brake, load testing and preservation coating.
  • Anchor Chain inspected, thickness testing, replacement links, shackles and range marking. Hydraulic Spooling.


  • Preservation including mechanical preparation, Abrasive and Hydro blasting up to 40,000psi, with robotic head.
  • Above Waterline Protective coatings, Inspection and reporting by Cert 3 and Cert 4, NACE2 trained inspectors.
  • Underwater Protective coatings, Inspection and reporting by Cert 3 and Cert 4, NACE2 trained inspectors.
  • Non-Skid surfaces.
  • Internal Pipe blasting and preservation.
  • Plural Component coating applications.


  • Tank cleaning, dirty bilge, greywater, blackwater and freshwater tanks
  • Removal of contaminated fluids and oil, and preparation for preservation
  • Fuel and bunking services