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Over the last couple of months, BME and TRS have completed 6 Sea Trails of 6 ASW boats for Army Marine.
The Army Safety Watercraft fondly known as the ASW has performed outstandingly to meet the critical requirements that allow Army to complete its assigned missions today and into the future.

The 7.5 m boats are fabricated in BME NQ new factory, where 8 new full-time employees have been hired. Manufactured from Aluminium and Fibre reinforced composite without compromising capabilities the package of boat and trailer is road legal throughout Australia.
The beam is 2.5m and the on-road weight is 3.2 tons.

Capable of speeds of 40 knots and over 180 nautical mile range the ASW delivers well above its weight.
With specialised shock-mitigating seating the crew remains comfortable and ready to fight when they reach their destination.  

14 SMEs are involved in the building of the boats, with an Australian design house, and local Engineers, Electricians, Composite Engineers, Painters, Glass fitters, Outboard installers, Upholstery, Automation technician, Marine accessories suppliers, Electronic integration, and others.
The ASW is built under NSCV rules to 2C.